Right now I'm working on English version of this web ... 
Here you can find list of pages which are currently translated 

Something about me
"I was here" form (not corrected yet)

There are also pages which you should be able to use (mainly galleries) or browse with no problems. These pages usually include English versions of links and descriptions / comments.

R.E. Feist Image Gallery
Who is the best fantasy author inquiry

Music - Pages about Metallica, photo galleries, lyrics

Download - Some my programs

Guest Book (jméno=name, zpráva=message)

Special browser for images from Lord of the Rings trailer

Baldur's Gate tips and tricks

Betrayal at Krondor - page includes links to few English documents

So this is everything what is currently in English or easily understandable for English speaking person. If you really want something to be translated just send mail to Cerovsky@jcsoft.cz and I'll try to do it as soon as possible.

I must give my thanks to Simon O'Flynn whose work on correcting my texts is really priceless ...
So here comes credits ...

English version of this web is prepared with co-operation of


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